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The world's best DHCP server

For decades DNSBOX has offered a fit for purpose appliance that eliminates DHCP headaches, simplifies day-to-day management routines and provides high availability.

User feedback has always rated the DNSBOX DHCP solution highly. With increasing need for stand-alone DHCP, in 2021 we decided to re-build it from the ground up, to build indisputably the world's best DHCP server. Informed by expert customer insight every step of the way, that's what we've done.

DNSBOX200 is an advanced DDI remote server which can be licenced and deployed as a highly available and powerful dedicated DHCP server. It is continuously developed to keep pace with the performance demanded by modern networks and deliver simplicity whilst the networks they support grow in complexity.

It is the full-featured, failover-ready DHCP server you've been looking for, dealing with the top priorities facing network managers today:

  • Failover
  • On-site
  • Professional grade
A stack of DNSBOXes

It offers low cost, high performance DHCP backed by expert support.

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