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Rapid, risk-free admin – the quickest, easiest DHCP server you'll ever deploy

Technicians cannot afford to spend time working around the limitations of basic DHCP solutions. They need a fully featured, dedicated server that makes common tasks simple and complex tasks, like Dynamic DNS, straightforward. To further reduce operating expense:

  • Troubleshooting must be efficient and automated wherever possible.
  • Server upgrades and software updates must be simple and undisruptive.

With DHCP the initial setup is usually the most time-consuming administrative task. DNSBOX's user interface is designed to be as simple as possible for day-to-day DHCP administration.

As a dedicated server, it is inherently quicker and easier to deploy DNSBOX for DHCP than implementing a complex DDI solution or using secondary DHCP functionality in other devices like NGFWs or Routers. And because our interface is designed solely for DHCP administration the functionality you need is always front and centre.

  • We've developed templates and wizards for the most common use cases to make DNSBOX the quickest, easiest DHCP server you'll ever deploy.
  • Pared back navigation and dynamic workflows put the fields you need in-front of you, removing unnecessary clutter
  • Templating couldn't be easier, streamlining workflows and allowing junior administrators to safely make changes
  • You can easily edit subnets without worrying about config errors - inbuilt validation takes care of it all.
  • Help is built in to the user interface to guide you every step of the way.
  • Informative DHCP statistics give you full visibility of the service, allowing you to easily search for leases, hosts, zones and IP ranges.